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This is what readers have already said about, When Evil Prospers.

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"Washburn has created some interesting and plausible characters...drama drips from every page...a well-written work that could be a prescient view of what our future holds in store."
               -- The Conservative Monitor

"...terrifying...well done with a tight plot...a thought provoking read."

"A riveting political thriller paralleling today's cancerous threat to America...a striking writing style."
               --The Mindquest Review of Books

"The premises brought forth in the book are alarming to contemplate, and hopefully the future will be brighter.  A fascinating read."

"John Washburn has crafted a truly amazing tale about what could happen if America gives up her role as world superpower...This book is an outstanding read, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who likes military or political fiction, as well as those who enjoy Christian fiction. It has my highest recommendation." 
               --R. Ballister, author of God Does Have a Sense of Humor, reviewed for Military Writers Society of America

"...would scare the heck out of the liberals of this country and of our enemies, both on US soil and beyond.  Doc Washburn got it right, great story - great read - great lesson."
               --Van Harl, The Altus Times

"I would give this book six stars if I could...Reading this book will inspire you and make you proud to be an American."
               --Byron Justice, author Violent Night,  complete review posted on Amazon.com
"This book should be mandatory reading in the public schools, colleges and universities throughout our country."
               --GD, USAF ret., Altus, OK

"Best book I've read in years.  Kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to read more.  I'm looking forward to the next novel."
               --JW, Altus, OK

"...I wanted to stand up and cheer...I can't remember a book that has moved me this way."
               --KG, Navarre, FL
"Truly a magnificent piece of writing, definitely a BEST SELLER...right up there with Tom Clancy."
               --WG, Navarre, FL

“ Thrilling, Realistic, and Evident of the times in which we live, could not wait to read more! I think every American should read this book, and realize what we could be facing!” 
                   --FW, Prosper, TX                    

"My favorite part kept changing as I read.  This book will reinvigorate your American pride." 
               --JB, Little Elm, TX 

"I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed When Evil Prospers.  The writing was succinct and flowed from one story line to the other effortlessly.  Although it is a work of fiction, it is certainly not far fetched to believe that one day our great country could face a situation with similar ramifications.  We can only hope that if this were to occur, the Mark Daltrys and Ed Hoods of America would be willing to stand up and do what is right.  On the other hand, we should all pray that it doesn't take a bombing in Arlington, or anywhere else in America, to spurn Americans into standing up for what our forefathers envisioned America to be.
The reasons that Mark Daltry and Ed Hood rationalized their actions, not only made me proud to be an American but it also made me realize that if you ever decided to run for office, I would certainly be willing to stand beside you and provide you with any support that would be needed. 
I am almost positive that somewhere the ghosts of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and many other great men who laid the foundation for America are sitting somewhere with a smug grin on their faces as their spirit of hope is renewed because When Evil Prospers may just be the necessary tool to help Americans understand what this great country was meant to be."
                  --RS,  Raymond, MS

I have just finished reading your book.   I usually read just for relaxing and always keep a book by my side.  This is the most powerful book that I've read  I do believe!!!   You have captured some of my own random thoughts about what is going on in this nation!   You have made me stop and really think about what is happening.   Makes me angry, sad, afraid of what is going to take place if something isn't done soon.   The last few years I have been to the point of not wanting to go vote because it doesn't seem to matter to the ones elected as to what THE PEOPLE want.  Your book give me hope that maybe there more out there that care.   I know that there are some Christian politicians but seem to keep it to themselves for fear of not getting re-elected.   This book needs to be required reading for all.   Thank you for such insight and I am sharing this book with others.   I have encouraged friends to purchase a copy and am already loaning it out.
                  --GH, Altus, OK
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