Does hope still exist?

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   John Washburn spent his childhood growing up in Richardson, Texas before moving to Raymond, Mississippi where he graduated high school.  He attended Mississippi College, receiving a Bachelor's degree in biology as part of his pre-med curriculum.

   From there he attended the University of Mississippi School of Medicine and eventually specialized in family medicine.  He continues to practice as a board certified physician today.

   He enjoys golf, snow skiing, auto racing and hunting in America's great outdoors.  He considers himself a true patriot and claims no allegiance to any one political party.  

   He is a self-proclaimed "traditional nationalist" who believes in America first, always.  

   His debut novel, When Evil Prospers, is currently available online through the publisher and will be available in bookstores August 8.  He is hard at work on his second novel at this time.

   He currently lives with his lovely wife, Juliet; their beautiful daughter, Abigail; and their dog, Rosie.

   He welcomes questions and comments from fans: 


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